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          Project Cases


          Wind Solar Monitoring System

          Wind Solar Monitoring System

          Wind Solar power system is a solar and wind power into electrical power. The system is free of air pollution, no noise, do not produce waste. Therefore, Wind Solar power system is a natural, clean power. The current worldwide development of wind power and solar power generation is very fast. To make the living environment of mankind is no longer affected by pollution, wind and solar power will be the inevitable choice for the world's power future.
                 Forest fire CCTV system, it is very important to monitor the forest latest information and prevent fire.Monitoring system, you must need the electricity energy. But the forest is large, and less appliances will use the government grid, it brings so much trouble for supplying power to the monitoring system. Sunning has solution for you. The wind and sunshine is very good at the forest, so wind solar hybrid system places an important roles at the supplying power to the monitoring system, as it do not need the government grid. With the wind and sunshine, the system could generate power day and night, storage at the battery bank. And the monitoring system will get the power from the battery bank in 24 hours.Our wind solar system, it is the clean, no polluted system, also supply power to the monitor continuously.



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