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          Project Cases


          Philippines 9KW+12KW Wind Solar Hybrid Systems

          Philippines 9KW+12KW Wind Solar Hybrid Systems

          System configuration.
          3KW Wind Turbines x3
          Solar Panel 12KW
          Matching controller / inverter / battery pack
          Completely off-grid and independent operation

          The system was installed in 2018 on an island in Isabela, Philippines, and has operated trouble-free ever since.


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          Company: Guangzhou 3Hz Solar Technology Co., Ltd

          Contact: Fang

          Tel: +86 13501516929

          Phone: 13501516929

          E-mail: fang@www.koreainc-news.com

          Address: Building C5, Huachuang Industrial Park, Shiji Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China

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