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          Solar CCTV


          V300 Wireless Solar Security Camera WiFi IP 1080P PTZ Outdoor CCTV Built-in Battery

          V300 Wireless Solar Security Camera WiFi IP 1080P PTZ Outdoor CCTV Built-in Battery

          Description: This is an automatic sleep camera, to reduce the power consumption the camera will automatically shut down when there is no motion and will not record.

          3Hz-SOLAR® V300 Wireless Solar Security Camera WiFi IP 1080P PTZ Outdoor CCTV Built-in Battery
          Wireless Solar Security WiFi IP 1080P PTZ Outdoor Camera CCTV Waterproof Built-in Battery Pan Tilt Digital Zoom

          This solar powered CCTV camera has 1080P full HD resolution which can deliver clear videos and images. Plus it has a 1/2" image sendor and 2MP camera.

          Camera has 8W solar panel so you won't need to plug the camera to a wall outlet. This security camera has PIR motion detection with range sending distance up tp 30 ft.

          You don't have to worry for a based station as this camera works with 2.4Ghz Wifi directly. It has built-in rechargeable 19200mAh battery which last longer. You can remotely access the camera using Ubox app. With it's Pan Tilt Digital Zoom you can control the camera 360° horizontal rotation and 120° vertical rotation to cover up more area.

          This surveillance camera is ideal for the outdoorsas it has IP65 waterproof rating which can withstand all weather condtions. There's more, it has two -way audio which allows you to talk/speaks to your guest or scare off intruders.

          When in comes to storage, it supports up to 128GB SD card storage and cloud storage. (SD card not include and cloud storage requires additional fee)

          You can view videos clear day and night with it's colour night vision of up to 10 meters. Camera has 2 IR LED and 4 Flood light LED which can be turn on/off.

          Start installing a security camera now and guard your loved ones & belongings.

          Product Description

          1080P Full HD
          With 1/2" image sensor and 2MP camera capture and record clear sharp images day and night in 1920*1080 resolution @25FPS.

          Solar Powered
          Get Non-Stop solar power supply with its own dedicated 8W solar panel, No need to plug into wall outlet.

          PIR Motion Detection
          Provides increased detection range sensing distance of up to 30 ft which works more effectively than passive infrared (PIR).

          Colour Night Vision
          With 2 Infrared LED and 4 Floodlight LED this camera provides clear colorful night vision up to 10 meters

          Support Micro SD Card and Cloud
          This camera supports both local up to 128GB sd card storage and optional cloud storage.
          With cloud storage you can avoid the risk of losing footage from micro SD card or even when your camera is stolen or damaged your footage will still be secure and accessible on the cloud.
          ** Micro SD card not included
          ** Cloud storage is optional and requires additional fee

          White Light Can Be Turned On and Off
          White light option in the lower right corner of the app setting interface, there are three modes you can select off, on and automatic.

          Standalone Camera
          No need for a base station, this Solar WiFi PTZ camera can work with 2.4Ghz WiFi router directly.

          Two-way Audio
          With built-in microphone and speakers you can greet guests or scare off intruders while you are not home.

          19200 mAh Battery
          With 19200 mAh rechargeable battery it will last longer than outdoor battery camera in the market, plus get non-Stop solar power supply with its own 8W solar panel.

          Pan Tilt Digital Zoom Camera
          With this PTZ function you can remotely control the camera 360°unlimited Horizontal rotation, 120° Vertical covering a much bigger vision range with less blind area.
          You can remotely control the camera to zoom by pinching in and out from the Ubox app.

          IP65 Waterproof
          With IP65 level waterproof rating makes it ideal for outdoor surveillance needs. This PTZ outdoor camera can record whether rain or shine, day or night.

          Product Views


          Main feature
          1/2" progressive CMOS sensor, blacklight full color
          Built-in solar energy and chargeable battery
          1080P high resolution
          APP support IOS/Adroid system
          Super low power consumption
          Built-in microphone and loudspeaker,support two way audio
          Alarm by voice and lighting
          Support cloud storage and local storage
          Metal material housing, IP65 waterproof
          Product Name
          Solar Energy Alert PTZ Camera-4G
          Model No.
          Main processor
          Operation System
          Android, IOS
          Image Senor
          1/2″ progressive Sensor PS5280LT
          1920*1080 1080P
          Internet Connection
          TD-LTE,TD-LTE / LTE FDD TD-LTE / LTE-FDD (All protocal)
          Detection Mode
          PIR + Radar dual detection
          Detection Distance
          Detect Angle
          PIR sensor + radar both detection, Message push to APP
          PTZ Angle
          Horizontal 360 ° Vertical 120°
          Horizontal 55 °/S Vertical 40°/S
          Night Vision
          Full color night vision
          0.00001 Lux
          IR LED
          infrared LED 30M IR distance
          White light LED
          white light LED 30M distance
          Built-in speaker
          Built-in microphone
          voice monitoring distance 20M
          Lens Angle
          Cloud Storage
          storage when alarm recording
          Local Storage
          TF Card Max 128G
          Solar energy and 18650# battery
          Solar Energy consumption
          Battery Capacity
          Max 6pcs 18650 battery (6*3000MA=18000MA)
          Operating power consumption
          Max 4W
          Standby consumption
          Working Environment
          Operation Temperature
          Giftbox size
          287*201*172 mm
          Quantity in carton
          Carton size

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          Product Name: V300 Wireless Solar Security Camera WiFi IP 1080P PTZ Outdoor CCTV Built-in Battery

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